Unabiker Beta 2-stroke (20-) Radiator Guards


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Unabiker 2020 Beta 2 stroke Radiator Guards are an all-new design for Beta's latest 2 strokes. These guards feature a face guard that is reinforced with 3 solid aluminum support rods that go across the front of the radiator. This assembly provides excellent protection from roost and sticks while supplying outstanding air-flow. The aluminum support rods provide unmatched side impact protection in the industry. Our guards feature a side plate to strengthen the outer edge of the radiator and 2 more solid aluminum support rods across the back side of the radiators. Our Unabiker 2020 Beta 2 stroke Radiator Guards are available in bare aluminum finish, or anodized black.

-Made from beefy 6061 T-4 aluminum
-Front guard has specially designed curved slots to increase air flow and add strength
-Spaced forward of the face of radiator to help prevent mud build up
-Specially formed side panels to reduce fold back in an accident
-Front and side bolt together to direct more air through the radiator for improved flow
-Generous size give great protection from roost rocks twigs and debris
-Used by many pros and teams

Fits 2020-on 2-stroke RR models.

Unabiker Beta 2-stroke (20-on) Radiator Guards
Produced by Unabiker of USA