SicAss Racing Beta (20-on) Turn Signal Kit

SicAss Racing

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Everything you need to make your RR legal but the mirrors, or just upgrade the stock signals to LEDs!

-Beta RR-S subfender
-SicAss Racing stem-mount LED turn signals (2 pair)
-SicAss Racing Beta Smart Flasher
-Zip ties necessary to do the job (not pictured)

If you need mirrors as well, check out the MSR Dual Sport Mirror. Kit utilizes stock left handlebar switch and wiring.

Fits all 2020-on RR. Red wire from flasher connects to gray/black red wire on machine. Typically, the connector is behind the headlight with the same color combination. On Race Edition models, the connector is under the right side panel. Signal holes in RR-S subfender need to be enlarged slightly and the Sicass washer and angled spacers need to be placed on either side of the surface the signal nut will be tightened down on as shown. Original tail light is relocated on RR-S subfender.

SicAss Racing Beta (20-on) Turn Signal Kit
Components by SicAss Racing, assembled by Sierra BMW & Beta