Muc-Off Quick Drying Degreaser 500ml

Muc-Off Moto

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Muc-Off is excited to update their range of premium motorcycle care products with this state of the art contact cleaner/motorcycle degreaser. A quick and easy way to clean all parts and an ally in the fight against grime!

Muc-Off Degreaser is formulated to quickly and safely remove heavy grime on metal, plastic, rubber and seals using advanced solvents. Its unique formula breaks down oil and grease to leave the entire surface sparkling clean and contaminant free.

-Rapidly removes dirt, oil and grime
-Safe on all chain types
-Water-soluble formula for easy rinsing
-Cuts through grease to reduce friction
-Eliminates chain contaminants safely

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Muc-Off Quick Drying Degreaser 500ml
Produced by Muc-Off of UK