Ilmberger Buell Carbon Fiber Air Intake Tube (Right)


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Fits all XB9/12--For over 10 years Ilmberger has been producing high-quality carbon fiber products, equaling OEM quality and sold through OEM accessory catalogs. Used by top international racers, Ilmberger products are the highest quality carbon fiber we have found, from the material itself, to the clear coat, to the way Ilmberger stands behind each product. We're very proud to bring the full line of Ilmberger products to the U.S. Whether you're going racing, want to lose a few ounces, or are improving the appearance of your machine, Ilmberger carbon fiber is the best you can buy!

Ilmberger carbon fiber is TUV approved. What does a European standard mean to us here in the U.S.? It means that Ilmberger carbon fiber is the highest quality, and fits the best. Ilmberger is also the only carbon fiber manufacturer to use Kunststoffbeschichtet, or plastic-coating, on their parts. This finish is much more resistant to scratching than standard clear-coat finishes, and blocks the UV rays that can damage your carbon fiber over time.

Fits all XB9/12

Note: Diffrerent version pictured, dimensional weight listed

Ilmberger Buell Carbon Fiber Air Intake Tube (Right)

Produced by Ilmberger of Germany, imported and distributed exclusively by Sierra Motosupply