FMF Beta 125RR (20-) Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor


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FMF’s Turbine Core 2 Silencer is one of the most up to date slip-ons you can get for your 2 stroke exhaust, and it’s complete with convenient spark-arrested performance that proves FMF loves to support 2 strokes and their riders.

Built with an aluminum canister and a stainless mid-pipe and end cap, the 2 delivers a smooth power curve throughout the rpms while still coming in at a lighter weight than your stock setup. That’s even considering the larger diameter canister that allows for more packing material and longer service intervals.

But, the 2’s main claim to fame is its integrated USFS approved "Turbine Dampening System" spark arrestor. This system prevents all sparks from exiting the exhaust, but it doesn’t choke the flow of exhaust gases like a screen-type arrestor can. It’s also essentially impossible for the Turbine Core to become clogged by residual oil or "spooge" as is common with screen arrestors.

-USFS approved internal/non-removable spark arrestor
-Spark arrestor eliminates exhaust gas restriction
-"Turbine Dampening System" will not clog like screen type arrestors
-Spark arrestor assembly requires very little maintenance
-Retains power and smooths power curve
-Lightweight construction weighs less than stock
-Stainless steel stinger and end cap
-Aluminum alloy canister body
-Increased canister diameter for more packing material and longer life
-Design cues taken from 4.1 four stroke exhaust
-Made 100% in USA

Fits 2020-on 125RR, dimensional weight listed.

FMF Beta 125RR (20-) Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor
Produced by FMF of USA