22-EXT-013RED + 22-3-5531S

Fastway Beta RR|RR-S (20-on) Air Ext Footpegs

Pro Moto Billet/Fastway

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Fastway Air EXT Footpegs are precision engineered for the best ride, every ride! The integrated Ankle Saver Technology provides safety and support to prevent against ankle injuries. Featuring patented height, traction, and camber (tilt) adjustability, for the most individualized footpegs you’ll find. The Universal Collar System (UCS) lets you customize your mount in either the stock or lowered positions on most bikes – simply by reversing the collar. And our patented replaceable traction cleat system allows you to customize the shape and traction level of your foot bed.

-Patented adjustable height, traction, and camber adjustability
-Weight: .85 pounds per set
-2024 billet aluminum
-Unique universal footpeg
-Precision engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the U.S.A.
-All footpegs ship with 2 sets of F3 threaded cleats– short 10mm, and tall 12mm cleats
-Fastway Footpeg Fit Kit included

Fits 2020-on RR and full-size RR-S. For 2020 XTrainer, see Fastway Beta RR|RS|RR-S (13-19), XTrainer Air Ext Footpegs.

Fastway Beta RR|RR-S (20-on) Air Ext Footpegs
Produced by Pro Moto Billet/Fastway of USA