Beta Trial 2-stroke Spanish Fly Spark Arrestor Kit

Spanish Fly

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These adapters fit neatly into the stock plastic end cap by replacing an existing rubber grommet. The adapter provides just enough exposed tube length to mount the included TRS-1 spark arrestor external to the plastic end cap.

The inside diameter of the adapter exposed to exhaust flow matches that of the existing tube so no additional flow restriction is created. Use of this adapter allows the spark arrestor to be mounted outside of the end cap for easy removal & cleaning.

The new USFS approved spark arrestor screen design incorporates a pleated conical screen shape. This patent pending shape provides two major benefits:
(1) The pleated shape allows for a significant increase in active open screen surface area, approximately 230% more than our previous screen. This allows the screen to easily meet USFS open screen area requirements and also reduces clogging by providing more area for exhaust flow.
(2) The conical shape places the majority of the screen surface area parallel to exhaust gas flow rather than perpendicular, this ensures that in stream particulate is not forced into the screen openings but rather across the conical surface where it is collected at the bottom of the screen. This localization of particulate helps to further reduce clogging & increase time between service/cleaning intervals.

USFS approved spark arrestor end cap insert for Beta EVO two stroke models 125-300cc for years 2009-2019. These inserts fit neatly into the stock plastic end cap by replacing an existing rubber grommet (see installation & service instructions page for more info).

Spark Arrestor Technical Data:
-USFS screen type spark arrestor insert
-Body-anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
-Screen-stainless steel
-Sealing- (2X) size 123 viton O ring
-Weight- 49 grams/1.73 oz

Scott pro tip: Use some plumbers tape over the o-rings to ease installation!

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Beta Trial 2-stroke Spanish Fly Spark Arrestor Kit
Produced by Spanish Fly Racing of USA