AB-12120-38 or 115-0383

Beta Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit


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-These patented seals use a special material that greatly reduces friction.
-These seals make a huge difference in fork performance when installed.
-Sold in a kit with one seal and one wiper. 2 kits required to do both legs!

Choose 38mm (Rev3 and Evo), 43mm (XTrainer original forks), 45mm (05-10 RR with Marzocchi 45mm forks and early Boano XTrainer fork kit), Sachs 48mm (2012-on RR with Sachs), 50mm (2011 RR only), Marzocchi 48mm, or KYB 48mm forks above.

Beta Fork Oil & Dust Seal Kit
Beta Original Parts by SKF