Warp 9 Racing Beta Fork Bleeders

Warp 9 Racing

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-Air Bleeders release the air in your forks with a simple push the button. Your forks should be bled after every ride for better fork performance and longer seal life.
-Red or black anodized push button
-Stainless steel body w/ o-ring (won’t break off like aluminum bodied units)
-Dual air release holes for faster bleed
-Easy to install.
-Just take your old air screw out and screw in our bleeders with an 8mm wrench.

Fits 2012-18 RR 2-stroke, 2015-18 RS/full-size RR-S 4-stroke and 2019-on 2-stroke & 4-stroke Race Editions.

Warp 9 Racing Beta Fork Bleeders
Produced by Warp 9 Racing of USA