AA33184 + AE32297-C

VHM Beta 125RR High Compression Cylinder Head Kit


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The world famous golden VHM head with exchangeable combustion chamber is specially developed for optimal power output during the whole race and has an improved water duct compared to stock and other aftermarket options. It's manufactured from a high quality alloy and O-rings are used for the sealing.

The insert has a lower volume/higher compression ratio, meaning more low and middle range torque. This improves acceleration and gives an increased torque feeling when exiting corners. However, keep in mind that this compromises top speed. The combustion chamber fits the VHM cylinder head perfectly and is easy to change. The last numbers of the part number are engraved on the insert for identification.

-More engine power
-Better heat transference
-More resistance to detonation

Dyno chart indicates cylinder head kit and CDI.

VHM Beta 125RR High Compression Cylinder Head Kit
Produced by VHM of The Netherlands