Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment


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Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a revolutionary new fuel additive using enzyme technology to enhance the performance of all gas engines.

Do not confuse with emulsifiers (ALCOHOL or SOAP based) which may cause additional problems.

Questions to ask your mechanic before using an emulsifier based additive: (ie. K-100, Ethamax, E-Zorb)
-Does it make sense to add MORE alcohol or soap to solve a problem caused by alcohol?
-Where does the water go when I use an emulsifier?
-Why do I want "jelly/goo" in the bottom of my fuel tank?

ONLY Star Tron
Eliminates & Prevents Ethanol Fuel Problems
Ethanol / E10 fuels increase the amounts of water and sludge in your fuel tank. Star Tron breaks down this excess water and sludge to sub-micron size allowing it to be safely burned away during normal engine operation. Therefore Star Tron prevents phase separation and fuel gelling, eliminating ethanol fuel problems.

Dramatically Increases Fuel Economy
Star Tron cleans the entire fuel delivery system, removing performance robbing gum and varnish deposits while modifying how gas and diesel burn, this results in more complete and uniform combustion and therefore better fuel economy.

Eliminates Black Soot and Exhaust Stains
With the removal of harmful engine deposits and an increase in combustion efficiency, exhaust emissions are greatly reduced. This results in cleaner air as black exhaust smoke is noticeably reduced.

Removes Carbon Build-Up
Carbon deposit formation is a byproduct of unburned fuel in the combustion process. Star Tron's enzymes will break down and disperse these deposits restoring engine performance as it also modifies the fuel to prevent future carbon deposits.

Stabilizes Gas
Gas breaks down rapidly which results in lost power and poor performance. Star Tron stabilizes the fuel chemistry for up to one year in gas...

Our service department has seen alcohol-related running problems on a few machines lately, and our Service Manager has personally tested Star Tron in his BMWs and given it the "thumbs up!"

16 ounce bottle treats 256 gallons of gas

Produced by Star Brite of USA