Spanish Fly Beta 300RR|250RR|200RR (20-) Spark Arrestor

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State of the art USFS approved turbine style spark arrestor specifically designed and tested to flow exactly the same as the stock OEM silencer thus providing zero reduction in performance.

What is it?- A turbine style spark arrestor that slips into your OEM stock silencer. Because it is a turbine style spark arrestor, there is no screen to maintain or clog up. Instead of filtering the exhaust flow with a screen, the spark arresting is accomplished using the centrifugal force created when spinning the exhaust flow through the turbine.

What is so special about it?- First off is the USFS approval which is laser engraved on the outside of the aluminum end cap for easy identification by USFS law enforcement. Next up is the Patent Pending ZERO RESTRICTION design of the internal components. This design is tested and proven to flow the same as the stock silencer, so after installation in your stock silencer, there is zero change in the flow through the silencer. This means your Beta or TPI bike will run exactly as the manufacturer intended with no risk of causing excessively lean or rich fuel conditions, disruptions to exhaust pulse timing, or bleed down rate, all of which can significantly reduce performance. None of the other spark arrestors on the market today (turbine or screen type) can make this claim, we have tested all types, and the flow results are all over the map with the worst performer producing an 82.5% reduction in flow rate (click here for TPI flow data) (click here for Beta flow data).

The CNC cut 6061-T6 end caps are replaceable and available separately in Silver, Blue, Red, & Orange anodized colors.

Less Sound = More Ground- Stock TPI silencers are very quiet @ about 91dB when tested per SAEJ1287, addition of our spark arrestor increases sound output by less than 1dB which makes it the quietest turbine style on the market by 2dB which is a lot.

New Technologies- It actually did take some rocket science to achieve these incredible flow rates, specifically rocket nose cone design theory, gas turbine fin design concepts, and application of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to all but eliminate turbulent flow through the spark arrestor. These are all new technologies for turbine spark arrestor design, which has remained fundamentally unchanged since the original design was disclosed by Jack Krizman in his 1968 patent.

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Fits 2020-on 300RR, 250RR, and 200RR. Note: Fairly involved install process!

Spanish Fly Beta 300RR|250RR|200RR (20-) Spark Arrestor
Produced by Spanish Fly Racing of USA