SicAss Racing Smart Flasher

SicAss Racing

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SicAss Racing's Smart Flasher works with ALL types of turn signals, including LED.

-Includes adapter for automotive style flasher connections
-Direct plug in installation on 2015-17 Beta's
-No indicator rewiring needed
-No extra switches needed
-No battery draw

On 2015 and earlier RR models, the flasher connects to the "L-shaped" connector in the airbox with yellow/red and gray/black wires. Red wire from flasher connects to gray/black (up to 2015) or red (2016-on) wire on machine. On the XTrainer and 2016-on RRs, the connector is behind the headlight with the same color combination. On Race Edition models, the connector is under the right side panel. If this doesn't work, try reversing the wires.

SicAss Racing Beta Smart Flasher
Produced by SicAss Racing

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Jonathan Bell
Worked great on a '23 Beta 500 RR-S

I installed a Tidy and some fork tube signals from a popular company, but their flasher relay was sadly out of stock and I had the fast blinker. Ordered this and it went in quickly and easily, no more fast blink!