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S3 Beta 300RR (13-17) Complete Top End Rebuild Kit

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The new S3 Racing piston kit, competitive price for top quality product! High quality, long life! 100% made in Europe!

Composition & treatment:
-Top quality Aluminium-Silicium alloy
-Forged in Europe
-Molybdenum disulfide protective layer
-Equipped with nitrided steel rings

-Lightweight and resistant
-Limits the vibrations
-The engine will build up revs faster

The kit includes:
-1 Piston
-2 Rings
-1 Pin
-2 Snap clips
-1 Beta wrist pin bearing
-1 Beta or Cometic top end gasket kit (choose above, see Cometic 300|250 Top End Gasket Kit for description)

Please check which size kit you need by removing the power valve cover on the left side of the cylinder (you'll find the size designation on the cylinder inside that chamber) and choose the appropriate kit above. Note: The "N" on each piston ring goes up when installing.

S3 Beta 300RR (13-17) Complete Top End Rebuild Kit
S3 Racing and Beta and/or Cometic Parts