ROK Motorcycle Adjustable Straps (pair)

ROK Straps

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How many times have you said to yourself: "There has to be something stretchable like a bungee cord, but stronger and safer!"

ROK Strap bungees are about twice as 'stiff' as a normal heavy bungee cord, and the flat shape is kinder to your cargo, and stays where you put it. Also it doesn't cut in as tight as a round bungee, and your waterproof fabrics last longer. Well here it is: the ROK Motorbike Adjustable (60 inch, with loops). Each strap has a length of our flat shock cord with a LOOP on each end to be used as a simple slipknot, when possible damage from hooks id not desired. Vastly superior to normal "bungee cords". These adjustable models are connected to webbing for ultimate utility.

If you're tired of department-store luggage straps, and want the best motorcycle straps made, you've found them. Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest elasticised straps available. Safely holds 65 lb (30 kg) in a straight pull, or 130 lb (60 kg) when looped over cargo. Say farewell to unsightly bungee straps and shock cords. ROK straps will altogether change your perception about securing cargo. Strong, durable, stylish and safe, these tie down straps will become an integral part of your ride!

ROK Motorcycle Adjustable Straps (pair)
Produced by ROK of Australia