Pro Circuit Beta 300RR|250RR Platinum Pipe

Pro Circuit

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The Platinum Pipe offers the same performance gains as the Works Pipe, but is a more ideal choice for extreme weather condition riding. It is constructed of AKDQ high-quality carbon steel and includes a nickel plated finish to reduce rider maintenance and to help protect the pipe against nature's elements. The Platinum Pipe also features hand welded and pounded seams and reinforced mounting brackets and stingers for increased durability.

-Stamped AKDQ high quality carbon steel construction
-Hand welded and pounded seams
-Reinforced mounting brackets and stinger
-Electroless nickel plating increases part life 2-10x

Fits 2013-2018 250/300RR models, dimensional weight listed.

Pro Circuit Beta 300RR|250RR Platinum Pipe
Produced by Pro Circuit of USA