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Polisport Upper Fork Protectors Black


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Polisport Plastics, the worldwide leader in off-road Performance Plastics and Accessories, is protecting your ride with new Upper Fork Protectors. These guards are a high impact-resistant plastic part that is designed to protect the upper fork tubes from roost or rocks.

Installing the Upper Fork Protectors is quick and easy as they can be held in place with a simple zip-ty around the upper fork tube. Keep nearly any size fork tubes looking new as these guards fit fork sizes 50-60mm in diameter. When it's time to wash your bike, remove the reusable zip ties, clean the area, and re-install for your next ride. The Polisport Upper Fork Guards look great on the bike and keep any forks noticeably better shape.

-High impact resistance plastic guard
-Complete protection of the upper fork tubes
-Easy and quick installation
-Perfect protection from rocks and roost
-Keeps the fork upper tubes looking like new
-Part works with different diameter sized forks (from 50 to 60 mm)
-Easy to remove and reassemble when washing the bike
-Polisport design enhances the look of your bike
-Includes re-usable zip ties for assembly
-Engraved precut lines for length adjustment (from 228 to 252 mm)

-1 Pair of Upper Fork Guards
-Plastic Cable Ties
-Protective Foam

Polisport Upper Fork Protectors Black
Produced by Polisport of Portugal