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Polisport Beta RR|RS (13-19) Radiator Grill Set Red


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The radiator is an essential, and one of the most fragile parts of your bike, so it's crucial to protect it. Polisport's radiator louvers provide the perfect fit and the protection your radiator needs.

Why Polisport's Radiator Louvers are the best choice for your dirt bike?
-Sold as a pair
-Available on the brand color - Polisport exclusive feature
-Resistant and durable polypropylene part
-Provides the perfect airflow to the radiator
-Straight forward installation
-Perfect fit
-Perfect match with OEM colors

Fits all 2013-2019 RR, RS, and RR-S models except 200 & 125.

Polisport Beta RR|RS (13-19) Radiator Grill Set Red
Produced by Polisport of Portugal