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Polisport Beta RR (18-19) Restyle Plastics Kit Black


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At Polisport we believe every bike deserves a fresh start and, this time, we give Betas RR 2T and 4T from 2018-2019 a new style.

The restyling kit is based on the newer and acclaimed 2021 Beta model design.

The kits include: Front Fender, Rear Fender, Headlight Mask, Radiator Scoops and Airbox Covers. Colors available are red, white, black, and nardo grey that will also include fork protections.

Betas will gain a new life with this restyling kit!

Fits 2018-2019 300RR, 250RR, 4T Race Edition models.

Polisport Beta RR (18-19) Restyle Plastics Kit Black
Produced by Polisport of Portugal

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