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Polisport Beta RR (19) Plastics Kit Nardo Grey


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The Polisport Beta Replica Plastic Kit is for those who want replacement Beta plastics with trusted OEM quality. Polisport's Replica Plastic parts are made using many exclusive and patented methods including DGP- Durable Gloss Polypropylene. This technology combines the highest levels of scratch resistance and flex while still maintaining a superior gloss finish and color brightness. Decades of experience as OEM suppliers for many of the largest European motorcycle manufacturers, makes Polisport the number one choice for replacement plastics.

Why Polisport plastic parts are the best choice for your dirt bike?
-Injection-molded, quality plastic components with a perfect OEM fit
-Exact replica of stock OEM plastic components but stronger
-Inexpensive alternative to OEM replacement parts
-Glossy and flexible
-Less prone to scratching or marking
-Hold color better

Fits 2019 300RR, 250RR, 4T Race Edition models.

Polisport Beta RR (19) Plastics Kit Nardo Grey
Produced by Polisport of Portugal