Beta RR|RS|RR-S (13-19), XTrainer Pivot Pegz

Pivot Pegz

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The Mark 4 Pivot Pegz have expanded the platform of the Mark 3's from 60mm x 85mm to 60mm x 100mm. Due to the pivoting nature of Pivot Pegz you can have the best of both worlds, a mega wide 60mm platform and easy access to the gear shift and rear brake lever, this is due to the fact that the Pivot Pegz platform pivots and opens up access to the lower controls.

Let us assure you that this isn't your average set of footpegs, not only do you get a mega wide platform but the state of the art grip pattern, platform design and spring loaded pivoting action means you get enhanced grip and load distribution as well as reduced impact and fatigue. The Mark 4 Pivot Pegz are also designed to reduce mud packing in the peg. As for the quality, it's world class.

-Extra-wide 60mm platform
-Heavy duty, long life springs
-Unique multi-directional grip pattern
-High grip tooth pattern
-Outstanding build quality
-Aerospace grade stainless steel
-Double heat treated and electro-polished
-Lifetime warranty
-Made in Australia

-Enhanced bike feel
-Better bike control
-Smoother body weight transfer
-Reduced body jarring
-Better balance and traction
-Reduced fatigue
-Easier gear shifts and rear brake access
-Extended boot life

Note: The picture shown is a generic picture of the MK4 Pivot Pegz, the mounting section on your bike may look different from the one shown in the picture but rest assured we will send you the correct MK4 Pivot Pegz for your specific make, model and year.

Fits 2013-2019 RR, RS, full-size RR-S, and all years XTrainer.

Beta RR|RS|RR-S (13-19), XTrainer Pivot Pegz
Produced by Pivot Pegz of Australia

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