PIAA H4 Xtreme White Plus Bulb


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This is PIAA's most popular motorcycle headlight bulb by far. Xtreme White Plus bulbs are significantly whiter and brighter than normal halogen bulbs. Xtreme White Plus light measures 4000 degrees on the Kelvin scale while normal halogen bulbs operate at only 3200K. Xtreme White Plus bulbs feature PIAA's exclusive Xtra Technology which increases bulb performance without taxing your electrical system. H4 bulbs are used in many motorcycle headlamps and a few automotive applications too. The H4 Xtreme White Plus Anti-Vibration bulb is specially designed for powersports use to significantly increase bulb life and performance. By utilizing quartz glass which is stronger than a standard H4 bulb, PIAA's Anti-Vibration bulbs allow better dissipation of heat. A thicker diameter filament support is fixed to the glass tube allowing the bulb to withstand a large range of motion. This H4 bulb provides 110/100 watts of light (high beam/low beam), yet it draws only standard 60/55 watts. Use it anywhere you'd fit a conventional H4 bulb for brighter and whiter lighting. If you're fortunate to have an H4 headlamp, count yourself lucky. With the twin-filament H4 bulb, you can upgrade both your high beam and low beam with the purchase of a single PIAA bulb!

Note: RR and XTrainers come with a 35/35W bulb, RS models came with a 55/60W bulb for 2016 and earlier machines. Beta US is switching to a 45W bulb for the RR-S machines as the 55/60W can be too hot and cause issues!

PIAA H4 Xtreme White Plus Bulb
Produced by PIAA of Japan