PIAA H4 Super Plasma GTX Bulb


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A new addition to PIAA's stable of high performance bulbs is the Super Plasma GT-X. The new GT-X provides an exclusive purple low beam and an Xtreme White high beam. And if that weren't enough! PIAA has added a purple colored top coat giving the headlamp a purple look even when the lamp is turned off.

Wattage= 60/55w = 135/125w, 3800K/5000Kbr> Technology= Super Plasma GT-X with XTRA Technology

Note: RR and XTrainers come with a 35/35W bulb, RS models came with a 55/60W bulb for 2016 and earlier machines. Beta US is switching to a 45W bulb for the RR-S machines as the 55/60W can be too hot and cause issues!

PIAA H4 Super Plasma GTX Bulb
Produced by PIAA of Japan