Parts Unlimited HJTZ7S-FP Lithium Iron Battery

Parts Unlimited

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-Lithium iron Polymer LiFePO4
-No heavy metals or hazardous acid
-Non-explosive and non-combustible
-Higher CCA's over lead acid batteries
-JIS standard sizes
-Up to 12 month shelf life before boosting is needed
-6 minute recharge time
-Up to 60% lighter than equivalent lead acid battery
-2000+ extreme cycle life vs. 350 for lead acid batteries
-Includes built-in, easy-to-read battery capacity indicator

Replaces Yuasa YTX5L-BS,YTX7L-BS,YTZ7S,YB7C-A, fits all Beta RR/RS models including X-Trainer. All Beta enduro machines up to mid-2016 came with a "5" series battery, since then the 2-stroke models come with a "4" series and 4-stroke machines come with a "7" series battery.

2 year warranty, dimensional weight listed

Parts Unlimited HJTZ7S-FP Lithium Iron Battery
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