P3 Beta 300|250 (18-) CF Clutch Cover Guard

P3 Carbon

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P3 Carbon Protective Clutch & Ignition Guards for '18 2-Strokes!

-High strength & light weight, using P3's race proven carbon composite material
-Molded design perfectly covers stock 2018 (only) Clutch & Ignition covers
-High-quality, aerospace grade carbon fiber weave with protective clear coat
-Protects against shift lever & rock impacts, boot abrasion, & crash damage
-Helps bike's resale values
-0.50 oz. tube of clear RTV silicone included

Fits stock cover on all 2018-on Enduro 300 & 250cc 2-stroke

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P3 Beta 300|250 (18-) CF Clutch Cover Guard
Beta Original Parts by P3 Carbon