P-Tech Beta 300RR|250RR (13-18) Aluminum Skid Plate with Pipe & Linkage Guard


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-Made from 4mm billet aluminum (5754)
-Protects your exhaust, frame, and linkage
-Includes all necessary bolts and clamps
-Pre-installed rubber strips where the plate contacts the frame

Fits 2013-2018 300RR, 250RR. Will also fit 2015-2022 XTrainer with early RR pipe after minor modification, and 2019 RR although there will be a little extra space around the new Arrow exhaust, or with FMF Gnarly pipe. It appears FMF has recently updated the Gnarly and it is now too wide for this skid plate, FMF Fatty does not fit. Dimensional weight listed.

P-Tech Beta 300RR|250RR (13-18) Aluminum Skid Plate with Pipe & Linkage Guard
Produced by P-Tech of Estonia, imported and distributed by Sierra BMW & Beta