No Toil Evolution Air Filter Oil 16 oz.

No Toil

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Evolution air filter oil is the latest weapon in No Toils struggle against the conventional standards of petroleum-based air filter oil with its toxic ingredients and harmful solvent cleaning requirements. Evolution oil is the worlds only truly "green" air filter oil. Evolution has all the great dirt-stopping tackiness and high air flow characteristics as the original No Toil oil, but without the alcohol. Evolution is compatible with any brand air filter and without the alcohol solvent, the foam will last longer. Cleaning a filter with Evolution Bio Filter Cleaner is amazingly easy and quick and will shock your senses with how clean it will get your dirty filter.

-No alcohol
-Only "air shippable" foam air filter oil in the world
-Compatible with all foam filters
-Foam friendly (will not degrade foam)
-Completely biodegradeable and non-toxic
-Waterproof-will not wash off filter with water alone
-Super easy to clean using Evolution Bio Filter Cleaner
-Green standard leader

No Toil Evolution Air Filter Oil 16 oz.
Produced by No Toil of USA