MotoBatt Beta Battery Charger


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-Single battery charger and maintainer.
-1.0 Ah output current charge rate with Motobatt Little Boy.
-13.2 to 14.4 volt automatic variable charge rate.
-Soft start feature charges batteries with charge state as low as 3.5 volts.
-3 phase charging - Qualifying phase ensures the battery is in good condition prior to charging. Bulk Charge Phase variable current charge to 80% capacity. Float/Maintain Phase constant voltage at reduced current.
-3 LED operational status indicator lights.
-Bad Battery test indicator.
-Reverse polarity protection.
-Spark proof.
-Includes both alligator clamp style and remote connector style leads.
-5 Year Warranty with this motorcycle battery charger.

The official battery charger of Beta USA, AMA Pro Racing Road Racing and Flat Track.

MotoBatt Beta Battery Charger
Beta Original Parts by MotoBatt