Motion Pro Beta KYB Fork Cap Tool

Motion Pro

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-For removing the fork cap and compression cartridge on twin chamber KYB forks found on late model Beta, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, and Yamaha off-road motorcycles
-Outer ring fits 49 mm octagonal fork cap
-Inner body holds cartridge so it can be removed from fork cap
-Outer ring can be clamped in vise to hold fork cap securely while cartridge is being removed
-Provides more secure grip on fork cap and cartridge and reduces risk of damage during disassembly
-Easier and faster to use than any other tool now available
-Billet 6061 aluminum construction with anodized blue finish
-1/2" square drive
-Lifetime limited warranty
-Patented design

Motion Pro Beta KYB Fork Cap Tool
Produced by Motion Pro of USA