Moose Racing Beta 300RR|250RR (20-) CF Skid Plate

Moose Racing

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-Thick composite plates with many advantages over aluminum
-The use of antiballistic composite material provides a longer fatigue life and greater tensile strength than aluminum
-Composite plates are molded to the exact shape desired, making for a closer fit and a more protective plate
-Composite plates absorb vibration and do not amplify sounds like aluminum plates do
-When hit hard, aluminum permanently deforms, bending frame tubes and slicing into water pumps
-Composite plates will bounce back from hard hits and look great long after aluminum plates give up
-Skid plates protect the side engine cases and the water pump in addition to the frame and the center case
-Designed with a high front to keep mud from building up on the engine
-Mounting hardware included
-Made in U.S.A

Fits 2020-on 300RR and 250RR models.

Moose Racing Beta 300RR|250RR (20-) CF Skid Plate
Produced by E Line for Moose Racing