Moose Racing Beta RR|RS|RR-S (13-19), XTrainer (15-22) Pre-Oiled Air Filter

Moose Racing

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-High technology machine pre-oils filters to perfection while leaving no excess
-With the precision pre-oiled air filter, there is no excess oil to rob horsepower, and no dry spots endangering your engine
-Oiled with high tack and bio friendly FLAME RESISTANT Moose Racing® Super Seal Filter Oil
-Includes re-sealable filter bag
-Made in the USA

Fits 2013-2019 RR, 2014-2019 RS/full-size RR-S, and 2015-2022 XTrainer.

Moose Racing Beta RR|RS|RR-S (13-19), XTrainer (15-22) Pre-Oiled Air Filter
Produced by Moose Racing of USA