Michelin 21" Bib Mousse


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-MICHELIN Bib Mousse is lighter than a reinforced inner tube, the equivalent to an inflation pressure of 0.9 bar (13psi) and it eliminates the difficulties posed by puncture.
-The maximum speed for using a tire equipped with MICHELIN Bib Mousse is 130 kph (80 mph). It is marked NHS (Not for Highway Service). As a result, motorcycles equipped with MICHELIN Bib Mousse inserts must not be used on public roads.
-A MICHELIN Bib Mousse must not be stored for a long period at a temperature greater than 30°C and temperatures above 40°C should be avoided.
-The maximum life span of the MICHELIN Bib Mousse is 6 months from the date of fitting. This life span will be significantly reduced if it is used intensively.
-The service life of a MICHELIN Bib Mousse can vary considerably according to the severity of use and the type of competition. For example, it will be shorter for Motocross than Enduro.
-Before a fast stage, we advise you to warm up the MICHELIN tire. MICHELIN Bib Mousse assembly progressively, at a moderate speed.
-When fitting or refitting a new or used MICHELIN Bib Mousse, the application of MICHELIN gel optimises its service life by avoiding the risk of overheating.

Each Bib Mousse includes a tube of Bib Mousse fitting gel and install instructions, dimensional weight listed.

Michelin 21" Bib Mousse
Produced by Michelin of France