Hydraulic Lift Stand


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-Easily lifts dirt bikes from 50cc to 650cc
-Strong, powder-coated steel construction is built to last
-Large top surface (15" x 12") is coated with thick, durable non-slip material and has a drain hole (7" x 4")
-Securing system keeps bike on teh stand with "J-hooks" that tighten down the footpegs
-Adjustable feet accomodate bikes of different ground clearance
-Raises easily with a foot-actuated pump
-Locking bar relieves hydraulic jack and prevents bike from accidentally lowering
-Locks at 16.25", 22.75", 28", and 32"
-Lowers by turning hydraulic release valve knob
-Down position height is 12.75", up position height is 33.5"
-Maximum load is 350 lb.

Hydraulic Lift Stand
Produced by O'Brien/G2 Industries of USA