Galfer Beta Rear Brake Pads


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Semi-Metallic Compound
OEM replacement upgrade. Great feel, long lasting, and very little rotor wear with this durable compound. Compound applications for almost every need, including off road, street, touring, enduro, dual sport and more. Precision made in our Galfer factory in Spain.

-Great feel and modulation for OEM brake pad replacement.
-Long lasting brake pad and very little rotor wear.
-Good in wet and/or dry conditions.
-Overall a very versatile brake pad compound for almost every need.
-Touring, Performance street, Motocross, Enduro, Dual Sport
-GG Rated.

Best Use
Our most popular compound! This compound is the work horse of the Galfer family and is a great OEM upgrade for the everyday rider.

Fits 2007-on RR, RS, full-size RR-S models, and X-Trainer.

Galfer Beta Rear Brake Pads
Produced by Galfer of Spain