Flo Motorsports Beta RR|RS (10-19) Radiator Guards

Flo Motorsports

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Flo Motorsports High Flow Radiator Brace

-The only OEM style radiator brace on the market designed to protect the radiator from side and front impact and core puncture.
-OEM wind tunnel design to allow significant air flow to the radiator.
-Significantly enhances efficiency, strength and air flow by up to 25% over any other alloy radiator brace on the market.
-Constructed from a solid 1 inch block of 6061 Alloy making it up to 50% more durable then a standard alloy radiator brace.
-Installation brackets, screws with loctite and allen key is included in the kit.

Fits all full-size RR/RS/RR-S models from 2010-2019 except X-Trainer, dimensional weight listed.

Flo Motorsports Beta RR|RS (10-19) Radiator Guards
Produced by Flo Motorsports