EnduroHog 4-stroke (10-19) Waterpump Guard


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Covers are made from shock resistant 3mm polyethilene plastic with metal inserts for secure mounting with screws. Light and tough construction.

-Material is HD polyethilene (high density)
-Protective covers are vacuumed over the OEM so they fit perfectly
-5 mm longer screws than OEM are provided
-Installation is done in 3 minutes with a single allen wrench

Buy 2 EnduroHog pieces on the same order and we'll discount them 10%, buy 3 and we'll discount them 15%! Fits 2010-2019 full-size 4-stroke models.

EnduroHog 4-stroke (10-19) Waterpump Guard
Produced by EnduroHog of Slovenia, imported and distributed by Sierra BMW & Beta