Dunlop Geomax AT82 120/90-19 Tire


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The all-new Dunlop Geomax AT82 tires combine new front and rear tread patterns with the rear being bi-directional (a first for Dunlop in the offroad segment). This allows for expanded terrain usage. A newly updated compound increases traction while improving durability and the enhanced casing architecture improves damping and absorption performance. Both the front and rear tires feature Progressive Cornering Block Technology to improve cornering grip, feel, and absorption characteristics.

-New PCBT on the all-new Geomax AT82:
--Reduced distortion of center knob under heavy load leading to improved handling and steering characteristics. Lighter, easier and more predictable handling whether trail riding or racing.
--Progressive Cornering Block Technology (PCBT) extends beyond the transition knobs for better
support and increased stability while cornering.
-New front tread pattern design increases grip and predictability under load
-Increased damping and bump absorption due to new profile and construction
-New bi-directional rear tread pattern optimized for both hard and soft terrain
-New rear pattern provides increased drive grip and consistency while cornering
-Updated pattern and knob design provide increased durability

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Dunlop Geomax AT82 120/90-19 Tire
Produced by Dunlop of USA