Dumonde Tech BHP Chain Oil (8 Oz.)

Dumonde Tech

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Proven with 40-plus speed records at Bonneville!
Dumonde Tech BHP Chain Oil is an internationally recognized complex compound which increases the bhp (break horsepower) on vehicles using chain drive systems. Dumonde Tech BHP penetrates and plates 100% of all the surfaces. Reduces friction substantially within the chains surfaces. BHPs liquid formula once penetrated, turns to an extremely low coefficient plastic polymer. BHP impregnates all porosities of the inner chain surfaces protecting the chain against rust and corrosion for the life of the chain. BHP incorporates o-ring conditioners to keep o-rings pliable.

No paying for propellant (solvent and air) to apply to your chain like all other brands, then wipe off the over lubed chain. This makes BHP not only better quality, but also a better value!

BHP Benefits:
-Increased break horsepower at the rear wheel
-Increases drivetrain life
-Environmentally designed

Dumonde Tech BHP Chain Oil (8 Oz.)
Produced by Dumonde Tech of USA