Dirt Tricks Ironman Beta Rear Sprocket

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At Dirt Tricks we are committed to making the best quality, longest lasting products period! Part of the process is listening to your feedback and ideas. Our Ironman Sprocket is one of those legendary products that has proven itself under the harshest riding and racing environments on the planet.
If you shred aluminum sprockets, we have the solution! What makes our sprockets so superior to everything else?

-One-Year Warranty
-Heat Treated Nickel/Chrome Plated Chrome-Moly Steel; 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel, 3 times stronger than 7075 aluminum!
-Weighs Around 18oz.

All Ironman Sprockets are designed to meet the highest quality and design standards and are guaranteed for 1-year against defects in materials, craftsmanship and excessive wear. -The sprocket will be replaced free of charge, at Dirt Tricks sole discretion, if any of the following conditions exist: Within 12 months of purchase, any cracking caused during motorcycle operation for which the motorcycle was intended. Any excessive wear: If within 12 months of purchase, the original tooth profile is worn at any point beyond .025" (0.6mm) from its original profile on the majority of teeth. This guarantee does not cover sprockets that have cracking or breakage as a result of insufficient chain slack, cracked and/or missing chain rollers or loose, missing or improperly tightened sprocket bolts or that are damaged from a crash, misuse, abuse or lack of care. Original Sales receipt must accompany all claims for consideration. Sprockets considered for guarantee claims will be replaced with same model and size of original. Dirt Tricks warrants original Ironman products only and does not cover damage to any other part on the bike that may occur. Ironman Sprockets are intended for off road use only.

All of our products are proudly made in the USA!

Fits 2013-on RR, 2014-on RS/RR-S models, RX, and XTrainer.

Dirt Tricks Ironman Beta Rear Sprocket
Produced by Dirt Tricks of USA