CruzTOOLS EconoKIT M1 Tool Kit


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Your vehicle may have come with a tool kit, but with the only virtue that it was free. The EconoKIT M1 allows a major upgrade in both quality and content over OEM kits, yet at a very reasonable price. Four combination wrenches, an eight-inch adjustable wrench, locking pliers, and much more permit a wide range of operations. The pouch shares many of the same design principles as our premium kits.

Kit includes:
8mm combination wrench
10mm combination wrench
12mm combination wrench
14mm combination wrench
8" adjustable wrench
4-piece Allen wrench set
6-in-1 screwdriver
2-in-1 (5/8" & 13/16") spark plug socket
Gap gauge
Locking pliers
2AA aluminum body flashlight
Electrical tape
Cable ties
Mechanics wire
Tire pressure gauge
Shop towel

CruzTOOLS EconoKIT M1 Tool Kit
Produced by CruzTOOLS of USA