Counteract Balancing Beads


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Counteract Balancing Beads for motorcycles provide an automatic, readjusting, trouble-free, lifetime balance of the tire and complete wheel assembly for all wheel locations. When Counteract Balancing Beads are installed inside the tire the specially coated micro-spheres are distributed throughout the tire through centrifugal force as the wheel rotates. As the force of the out-of-balance spot increases and pulls the suspension in an up and down motion, the inertia causes the beads to move in the opposite direction and rapidly shift until complete wheel assembly is balanced.

Counteract is the ONLY balancing product on the market proven to improve fuel economy in two separate S.A.E and TMC type II tests. We were the first to market 100% glass beads for balancing. Don't be fooled by competitive claims, Counteract's patented technology makes it the most technologically advanced system on the market today.

Counteract Balancing Beads is also the only method of balancing proven to allow your tire to run cooler. We have proven that we allow tires to run 30 degrees cooler than a traditional spin balance, and 60 degrees cooler than all other internal balancers and products on the market. Therefore, Counteract is the only balancing product that actually keeps your tires running cooler, helping eliminate thermal degradation and irregular wear.

Counteract is 100% TPMS compatible. In fact, due to our patented product Counteract will never make contact with your TPMS system once installed inside the tire. However, the only thing you can’t do is install Counteract through the valve stem if it has TPMS sensors, in this case you must install the product while the tire is broken or while being mounted.

How Counteract Tire Balancing Works
The balancing beads are distributed around the tire as it begins to roll, through centrifugal force. As the centrifugal force increases, the heavy spot pulls up and down on the suspension, making the beads move in the opposite direction of the downward and upward motion, through inertia. The beads continue to migrate until the complete wheel assembly is balanced.

After 16 years and millions of packages sold worldwide, we are confident to guarantee that Counteract Balancing Beads are the best overall method of balancing tires and complete wheel assemblies, anywhere in the world.

What makes Counteract different from the competition?
The science behind the product is what makes Counteract work better than any other alternative in the market. An electron exchange occurs when the glass bead maintains contact within the revolving tire, causing it to “cling” to the wall of the tire with up to five times the force of gravity. Then, any imperfection in the uniformity, symmetry or imbalance in the wheel or wheel assembly, including the tire, rim, or anything that rotates, will cause a vibration. The vibration causes Counteract Beads to ‘migrate’ within the tire until the vibration ceases, then they ‘cling’ there, balancing the wheel and wheel assembly for the life of the tire, even if the tire is not in motion. Whereas ceramic bead options begin to balance the tire when speeds reach around 50kph, Counteract’s coated glass beads differ in that they stay in place due to a static electric charge generated between the bead and tire. Because they stay in place, the tire is always in balance, even at slow speeds!

Note: Choose a combination of 1 ounce and a 2 ounce packet or 2 x 2 ounce packets above.

Counteract Balancing Beads
Produced by Counteract of Canada