Counteract 4.00/4.60-18 Ready-Balance Tube


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Counteract is happy to announce the launch of their new Motorcycle Inner Tube line. This new line of tubes is not like any other on the market. In fact, Counteract Ready-Balance Tubes are the industry’s first ever Pre-Balanced Motorcycle Inner Tube.

Each high-quality butyl inner tube comes pre-loaded from the factory with Counteract's patented, internationally successful balancing beads. Now you can simply buy your tube, with Counteract already installed.

Perfect for on-road and off-road applications, these tubes are sure to provide you with the best possible wheel, tire and complete wheel assembly balance.

No ugly wheel weights, no hassles... just ride! Better balance makes for better traction!

Counteract 4.00/4.60-18 Ready-Balance Tube
Produced by Counteract of Canada