S3 Beta 250RR (13-on) Cylinder Head Kit

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Top quality component made in 3 parts; using the best alloys available on the market to obtain better output. The advantage of these heads is that they hold more coolant and the material is a lot thicker which helps with cooling, improving low-end power slightly. S3 heads eliminate the hot points typically localized on cast heads. The different volume inserts give the possibility to perfectly adjust the engine compression.
STAR HEAD cylinder heads: Forged in the best aluminum alloy to obtain top quality and high durability components. Its new design has thicker walls and higher water flow to ensure a maximum cooling rate. Delivered with 3 inserts:
-Compression: Standard, high comp. & high high comp

New design:
-Capable of cooling faster, thus low rev power increases
-Forging them eliminates the hot spots found on cast heads

New look:
-Its shape and color makes it beautiful
-Noticeable at a distance and stunning at a close view

The kit includes:
-1 Forged aluminum cylinder head cover
-3 Inserts: std, high comp. & extra high comp
-5 O-rings: top cylinder & inserts
-6 Copper washers for M8 cylinder head bolts

Different insert compressions, what varies?
-Standard (STD) compression: Higher torque and power at low revs. Even though it is similar to the original compression, you will notice the difference.
-High (A) compression: Possibility to add another gear, better traction and very clean response.
-Extra high ( AA or AAA) compression: Specially for 1500m high or more, or MX engine preparation.

Looking for something from S3 Parts that we don't have listed, or a different color? Please write and we'll make it happen! Fits 2013-2017 250RR.

S3 Beta 250RR (13-on) Cylinder Head Kit
Produced by S3 Parts of Spain, imported and distributed by Sierra BMW & Beta