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Cometic 300|250 Top End Gasket Kit


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Advanced materials combined with the most current manufacturing processes provide custom solutions to meet customer needs. Cometic gaskets don't "stick" when you remove your power valve cover, or to the bottom of the cylinder when doing a top end. Less cleanup means your Italian Princess is ready for the next ride sooner!

Base Gasket 026-110250-000
Base Gasket 026-110270-000
Base Gasket 026-110260-000
Base Gasket 026-110280-000
Exhaust Manifold Gasket 18-20 026-110380-000
LHS PV Cover Gasket 2 REQ 026-11050-000
RHS PV Cover Gasket 026-11030-000
Exhaust Pipe O-Rings 2 REQ 10-66930-000
Inner Head O-Ring (250) 10-66972-000
Inner Head O-RIng (300) 10-66973-000
Outer Head O-Ring (Both) 10-66978-000
Head Screw Washers 6 REQ 026-110100-000

Fits 2013-on 300 and 250cc 2-stroke machines.

Cometic 300|250 Top End Gasket Kit
Produced by Cometic of USA