Braking Beta Batfly Front Brake Rotor


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BRAKING® brand is associated with the revolution that the company brought to the bike disk industry by inventing first the WAVE® concept that enabled the development of the lightest racing disk (Multi-World-Champion SK Series),and next the BATFLY® concept that created a new "way" of braking (Multi-World-Champion BATFLY Series). BRAKING® keeps developing new technologies both in the field of materials and in the field of structure-geometry. BRAKING® philosophy is based on the continuous research in the field of friction and heat dissipation.

Outer and inner diameter of the disk have a non-round design that enables better radial expansion of the rotor under extreme heat conditions. Moreover piercing holes are replaced by edges specifically designed to grow brake pad regeneration process.

more braking grip > highly reactive
less weight > better handling
high heat dissipation > stable power in all conditions

Alternative grooves on the two surfaces of the disk create a self-ventilation mechanism. Mud and dirt are also easily removed from braking surface. BATFLY geometry with directional WAVE® profile. The outer braking track is separated in 3 areas from the carrier to give it a semi floating design; this allows for heat dissipation and also limits the instant feeling of a stopped wheel feeling when the brake is applied. The BATFLY grooves on the disk’s surfaces create a self ventilating mechanism allowing the rotor to cool down. Mud and dirt are easily cleaned from the pads surface and outer braking track. The outside and inside disk’s diameter have a round design which allows a better radial expansion of the disk in extreme heat conditions. The carrier is part of the brake band but in three points where we connect the two parts with stainless steel rivets. This is the best compromise between the prompt response of a fixed disk but provides the performance & improved heat dissipation typical of floating disks.

self-ventilating > stable power at high temperatures
very high pad-disk contact pressure > highest braking grip
light weight > better handling

Fits 2013-on RR and 2014-on RS/RR-S models as well as XTrainer.

Braking Beta Batfly Front Brake Rotor
Produced by Braking of USA