Boyesen Beta 300|250 RAD Valve - Torque Oil Injected


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We're thrilled to introduce Boyesen's latest innovation: Rad Valve Air Intake Systems designed exclusively for Beta Motorcycles. These systems offer Beta riders the ability to customize their bikes' power delivery, providing a unique opportunity for your Beta.

Enhanced Beta Riding Experience
Boyesen's Rad Valve Air Intake Systems are a game-changer, allowing Beta riders with 250cc, 300cc, and XTrainers to fine-tune their power output in three distinct ways. This empowers riders to adapt their bike's performance to their preferences, riding style, and the terrain.

Tailored Power: Riders can choose from three power delivery options - Strong Low End Torque, Aggressive Top End Power, or Broad Power - for a customized riding experience.

The Torque Series Rad Valve is “Performance Optimized” - tailor-made to give the Beta 250cc/300cc engines strong low-end power for hard enduro. The RC2 Series Rad Valve multi-stage reed petal system has also been painstakingly developed and tested to increase throttle response and acceleration, while also broadening peak RPM horsepower output.

The Rad Valve’s seamless, one-piece, precision casting and continuous aero-form surfacing provide maximum flow velocities and instant, explosive movement of air particles the moment you turn the throttle. Standard equipment on each Rad Valve are Boyesen’s dual-stage model-tensioned carbon reed petals. The race-proven reed petals are integral to the Rad Valve’s ability to maintain timing with the power pulses of the Beta engine platform. Smooth. Sharp. Smart.

Fits all years oil injected 300RR/RX, 250RR, and XTrainer. Second pic is incorrect.

Boyesen Beta 300|250 RAD Valve - Torque Oil Injected
Produced by Boyesen of USA