Dunlop Geomax MX53 80/100-21 Tire


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The next generation of ultimate of off-road performance. Designed to offer performance in a wide variety of terrains, the Geomax MX53 excels in hard-packed track conditions while also offering greater versatility in intermediate riding conditions.

A brand-new pattern on both the front and rear tires allowed Dunlop to improve the range of performance across multiple terrains while also achieving additional performance goals.

Dunlop has introduced a groundbreaking horseshoe shaped cluster of knobs to the front tire of the MX53. This horseshoe pattern acts as a giant claw to dig into the ground and give the rider even more traction on hard-packed terrain and maximizes
braking grip. This bold new pattern features hollowed out portions of the center of the tread. The hollow area of this horseshoe cluster results in less stiffness in the center of the tire, giving riders better feedback and more compliance. The MX53 also
has a taller profile than the previous MX52, providing gentler handling, a higher lean angle and better maneuverability. Additionally, each of the blocks are 1 mm higher. This extra height is what allows the MX53 to perform better in intermediate terrains,
extending the range and versatility of this tire.

-The front tire has been redesigned with a taller profile to offer a larger contact patch, providing gentler handling, a higher lean angle and better maneuverability.
-MX53 front tire blocks are 1mm higher and have been redistributed to give riders better steering feel and more biting edges.
-A horseshoe pattern of blocks on the front tire reduces the stiffness in the center of the tire to offer greater ride compliance. The unique pattern of the horseshoe blocks also grabs the dirt to provide better braking grip.
-Block-In-A-Block technology has been added to the front tire of the MX53 in order to aid in linear tracking and improved steering.
The altered Block-In-A-Block shape on the rear tire allows for added flex in the knob to enhance grip while providing stability and slide control.
-Front and rear tires include tie bars between select knobs to reduce flex at the base of the knobs, improving durability.
-Dunlop’s Advanced Apex Design improves shock absorption by diffusing shock through a taller, thinner apex inside the sidewall.
-New compounds on the front and rear tire enhance durability and longevity.

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Dunlop Geomax MX53 80/100-21 Tire
Produced by Dunlop of USA