Beta Kinder Youth Balance Bike 12"


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Known as the Beta Kinder, these new bikes are sure to offer young riders a great introduction into the two wheel world! Recommended for ages 3-5. Features such as an aluminum frame, three speeds, disc brake, mag wheels and every model comes with a spare battery!

Large capacity batteries provide up to 1.5 hours of ride time depending on speed and load. Batteries are locked for safety and can be easily changed with the key. There is a battery life indicator located on the twist throttle, the seat height is fully adjustable and the drive chain is fully enclosed for safety.

Kinder 12" ages 3-5
Kinder 16" PRO ages 5-7
Kinder 18" PRO ages 7-11

Each Beta Kinder comes with a 12 month limited warranty.

Beta Kinder Youth Balance Bike 12"
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