Beta (10-19) Airbox Cover Screw Kit


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Trick airbox cover fastener kit from Beta!

-Stock Air Box cover can be ripped off during extreme riding
-Bolt on Fastener Kit keeps the Air Box cover securely in place
-Precision machined & available in Beta red anodized finish
-All fasteners included, only a drill & 1/8" drill bit needed for installation
-Nihilo products are designed & Made in USA

1. Drill out the 4 airbox attachment-clip rivets with a 1/8" drill bit
2. Using the supplied screws, install T-brackets with the flat side out
3. Remove both stock fastening studs from the airbox cover
4. Drill out the stud holes from the inside for new attachment bolts
5. Install the cover using the new Beta grommets & attachment bolts

Fits all 2010-2019 Beta's with quick release airbox covers. Install instructions can be found here: https://betausa.com/accessory-instructions/

Beta (10-19) Airbox Cover Screw Kit
Beta Original Parts by Nihilo