Beta 300|250 Billet Pipe Coupler


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-Anodized red billet aluminum, machined for a perfect fit
-Fits stock 250/300RR/XTrainer pipe to stock silencer
-Solves the problem of messy pipe/silencer sealing
-High-temp, mil-spec inner o-rings expand with heat, locking collar in place

Fits 2015-on XTrainer 2013-2019 250/300 RR 2-strokes & 2019 200 RR 2-stroke. Note: FMF has recently updated the inlet pipe diameter of the FMF Beta XTrainer Spark Arrestor, if yours is an early example (33.8mm diameter) the Beta 300|250 Billet Pipe Coupler is correct. If yours is a later version (32.3mm diameter) the Beta 300RR|250RR|200RR FMF Billet Pipe Coupler is correct. Install instructions can be found here: https://betausa.com/accessory-instructions/

Beta 300|250 Billet Pipe Coupler
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